Register for the 2019 Adrenaline Run 5K & 10K

Proceeds of the Adrenaline Run will benefit the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy through expansion of contemporary education, research and service. Through these funds, the OU Foundation will help the College of Pharmacy develop unique pharmacy practices, increase innovative research and encourage student development.

University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy
1110 N. Stonewall Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73117
Certified Course Number: OK14056KH

9:00am – 5K & 10K Start

This course is known to be very challenging due to all of the hills located on our campus. We hope this does not deter anyone from signing up! We like to think people register for this race to really push and challenge themselves, although we believe the view of the campus is pretty nice as well!

Friday, March 1, 2019
OU College of Pharmacy
1110 N. Stonewall Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73117

Saturday, March 2, 2019
Starting at 7:30am
David L. Boren Student Union
1106 N. Stonewall Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73117

-The first 200 participants to finish the race will receive a finisher medal
Overall award to top male and female in 5K and 10K
Age Groups awards to top 3 male and female in standard USATF age groups

All participants who register online by February 9th will be guaranteed a long sleeve Sport-Tek t-shirt

Event Flyer:



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5K and 10K.

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Minor’s attending MUST be supervised by a parent or guardian.

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