Services We Offer


We time all type of events including: road races, mud runs, cycling, triathlons, cross country meets, swim meets, paddle sports, and more. Call us today to see if we can help time your event. All of our races are chip-timed using tags. 

  • B-Tags - Timing chip is placed vertically on the back of the bib. These are becoming the more popular and preferred type of tag thanks to their simplicity and less likelihood of human error (bending tag, incorrect placement, etc.). All the participant has to do is put their bib on with 4 safety pins and they're good to go.
  • D-Tags -  These are typically yellow and form a loop around the runners shoe laces. They have to peel the tag off the bib and then place on their shoe.
  • Tri-Tags - These are waterproof, plastic, reusable chips that are strapped to the participant's ankle. These are good for relays, triathons, mudruns, and swim meets. 

The best part of our timing is our ability to access and offer live results at any time, both on-site and online, mobile and desktop. Find our more about our timing process.

Online Registration

Save time and eliminate stress by organizing and managing all your registration details in one place.

Conveniently access the fully mobile responsive platform and administration panel to track registration, create custom demographic reports, and use real-time data to help attract runners for your race. Manage participants, voltunteers, teams, products, and fundraising efforts from one central place.


EnMotive’s marketing capabilities are one of the primary reasons why race directors of all sizes are quickly moving to our platform.

We use a proven and time-tested methods of runner engagement through automation, persona marketing, and grassroots techniques to communicate your mission and create stunning conversions for your event.

Event Photography

Let your participants take home images that truly capture their experience at your event. All race photos are uploaded directly to a photo platform, integrated with results, and can be emailed directly to a participant's inbox. This allows spectators to follow the progress of a runner in real time and allows for the participants to have the full event experience before arriving home.

Drastically increase brand awareness through our socially integrated platform, which encourages easy photo sharing. Take a look at our photo platform for OKC Turkey Tracks to see for yourself. 


We are passionate about creating races that give our participants an unforgettable and unimaginable emotional experience from start to finish. Whether you're staging a local fun run, to a nationwide race series, our team is ready to develop a plan that is fully customizable to your unique needs. From sponsor aquisition to charity pairing, to equipment rental and product development, EnMotive Productions offers a wide variety of race management services at every stage of production. Our production team works to understand the unique challenges every event presents and transform it into a memorable experience for all those involved. We look forward to working with you and your team to stage a successful race! 

Equipment Rental

»Start/Finish Line Arches

  • Inflatble Arches
    • We have several arches to choose from. If there's a particular arch you'd like us to bring, please let us know ahead of time. Key Benefits: Gives start/finish line an extra kick and adds excitement to runners on race morning

  • Aluminum Arch
    • Limited Supply

»Sound System

Good for music and announcements. We provide our own music, but you're welcome to hook your own up too. Also comes with a microphone for announements.


»Tent Canopies


»Water Jugs and Coolers


Course Marking

Easily readable signs with kilometer and/or mile markers - let's runners know exactly how far they've gone during the race. We do not mark turns, only distances.

Announcer Line

(PA required unless providing your own) This provides a way for your own announcer to read names as they scroll on laptop. You must provide your own announcer. Our team is busy getting perfect results and making sure everything is working properly during the race!

Key Benefits: Runners love hearing their name announced as they cross the finish line. They'll be talking about your race with their friends and inviting more people to attend.


We can help your race design logos, medal, bibs, shirts, and other swag.  We use out industry contacts to get your race custom quailty swag for your participants. 

...and more! 

The above items are in no way a comprehensive list. They're just the basics. If there's something you want, but don't see it on the list, just ask. We can probably come through for you!